Some time ago, the local youth center EJ Shalom asked us, if we want to conduct a graffiti workshop for interested people with different skills and pre-knowledge. It was pure fun, the weather was nice. Okay 2 short rain showers.

During the day we did a little picture by ourselves with kind help of Anne, thank you. (She likes the fat cap.)

What to do, when you got some records leftover, but no more covers?
Throw records away - fail!
Hook us up to do a limited edition - damn right!

Rebarker asked us, if we would do a Mayhem rip off for a limited edition of 50 for their first 7" entitled "Krähen", because someone sometime compared Rebarker songs with Mayhem stuff, totally funny! Anyway. 2/2c silkscreenprint on recycled paper and we did a bow to Coalition & Das Oath with pasting over the spinning hole. For all the nerds, by the nerds.