Hey all together,

after 3 weeks on the coastline of Scotland, we rushed into a week of hurry.
We sadly had to cancel our participation on IBUG this year, because we went into torrent of orders. That's great for us, but we sadly had to cancel IBUG. Once again sorry for that. Hopefully back next year.

But we handscreened about 500 one sided 12" records for the next upcoming release of Superfluous Records. It's Laura Mars - Vultures EP. Grab a red copy, if you're able to; they are strictly limited as against to the blue ones.


We also printed a lot of shirts for another project of us, called Plottsport!

And tomorrow we are on Summer.Pop.Shopping in Berlin. If you are in Berlin, come around check out this event - it's situated in the area around the Arena. Meet us at Nr. 66 - remember one 6 is missing!! Also around with us, Stephan of Anti.Glamour.League - with his lovely shop.