Last weekend we printed with kindful help of Karsten of Defiant Hearts Records the covers of the upcoming 7" of The Guilt Show (ITA) on Defiant Hearts Records. We printed about 11 hours with some minor breaks. After that, sleep was heaven.

Last but not least, we have an special offer from 1st - 23rd of december 2008. We offer radical sales discount on 1" buttons & silkscreened t-shirts. So, Bands, Promoters & who ever give us your design, we print it on shirt or press it on pins. For more info, please get in touch.

In a few days, we're up to start the silkscreening of the upcoming record by The Guilt Show from Italy, released by Defiant Hearts Records. We just prepared the sifters today. Now we wait for the paper. The artwork was done by a guy called Filippo aka Doner from Italy.

We sadly had to miss Roeders 7" Record Release Party on 30th of October. We did the artwork and some printstuff. We definitly think this is a bitter pill, we had to take, not being part of this show.

But we're happy, that the Thybeaux CD has finally arrived from the pressing plant, we hope to get a few copies in the next days. We did the artwork and silkscreened the digipacks. We'll post some pictures of the final result as soon as we get it.

Also we're hope to get a copy of the final digipack of local punkband Inkasso Moskau soon. We silkscreened that with a lot of blood, sweat and tears and that's for true.

We still don't know, what's up with the Taciturn/Anemone Split 12". We hope this will be released in the next time, hopefully this year. Fingers crossed!

This year we painted some huge walls for a big supermarket, but getting some serious photoshots of that is some kinda difficult, cause in front of that wall is a head-high hedge. Don't ask us. Maybe we are able to take some pictures in winter. The Curse...