rOeders first 7" is coming out soon on Hirntrust Grind Media (Austria) on coloured vinyl limited to 222 copies. We did the artwork and silkscreened the inlay cards yesterday.

The record comes with 1c labels, an 1c silkscreened inlaycard and a sticker

final vinyl

label A

label B



silkscreening process

Our good friends in Thybeaux, an east german, exactly Dresden based, female fronted postrock band - name it whatever - asked us, if we could help them out with an design & a packaging for their upcoming self released CD called Dependere. They recorded six songs by theirselves and now the tracks are in the mix and soon in the pressing plant.

For this project, whe chose the soon to be wellknow JakeBox. JakeBox is a digipak with a patented folding technique, which get along without any plastic, only paper.We silkscreened 300 Jakeboxes in 2c, which was a bit difficult, cause of the CD claw. Anyway just take a look around. The Inlay and the CD will be printed by the pressing plant. The Inlay comes around with an envolved b/w photo.

digipak JakeBox

inlay A

inlay B


silkscreened JakeBoxes